Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tennis and a star sighting

If you have never been a college tennis match, you need to go. Very entertaining. Brodi and I bring the boys to go and watch the mens Utes tennis team. We have gone to about 5 match ups this year. Over the weekend, they played and beat BYU. It was rowdier than a basketball game. The crowd erupting after each and every point. Carter would occasionally scream out: 'Go Utes!' as he played with his DS while watching some of the points. It is quite the atmosphere. Alas, no male or female cheerleaders and no band. That would be awesome if they did though.

I went to play tennis with my friend Brandon early this week around 6:30am up at the U. We both are trying to figure out why we wake up once or twice a week to go and play tennis early in the morning. But, it paid off this Friday. I get out of my car and the guy that parked next to me did as well. It was Utah football coach Kyle Whittingham. So, I struck up a conversation. I am sure he was thrilled. I thanked him for the great year and asked how he was feeling about the upcoming year (he likes the team a lot and thinks some of the new guys will surprise). I asked him about the construction that was going on with the workout facilities (they are adding a second floor as well as expanding the main floor). He was very cool and pretty talkative. It ended with me giving a big hug. Ok, kidding about the hug but I did wish him the best. I should have told him that we should be bffs. But the timing wasn't right.


Janae said...

I wish that it would've ended with a big hug, I bet secretly that he thinks of the 2 of you as BFF's:) GO UTES!!

Brodi Ashton said...

Sam- could you please tell Kyle to stop calling us all the time? It's getting kind of annoying. Why did you ever give him our phone number?

nielsons*love*family said...

WOW! will you still talk to us in church now??

Alissa and Brandon Owen Family said...

so funny (and fun)

Amy said...

We all know you gave the guy a hug!

samandbrodi said...

Janae--yes, I too think he thinks we are bffs.

Bro--I have a call into his secretary ordering her to order him to stop the nonstop calls.

Dorien--probably not.

Alissa--yes it was fun. Brandon missed out. Where is my invite to view your blog.

Amy--yes I gave him a hug as he tried to run from me.