Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Carter and Becks and their latest going ons...

Beckham has expanded his eating options. He is a true food connesieur. He now will eat Graham crackers. Carter is not that picky of an eater...he has certain foods that he really likes but he can pretty much eat anything. Beckham on the other hand does not. He has his core breakfast foods (scrambled eggs, cereal or bread), lunch (soup or nuggets) and dinner (spaghetti, fries or nuggets. ) and snacks (graham crackers, donuts, fruit roll ups, apple sauce). We are still working on any kind of nutritious food.

Carter had a great line this weekend. I told him that he needed to eat his food. He then proceeded to tell me: 'Daddy, you are not the boss of the food...You are the boss of the Answers.' I confirmed to him that yes, I am the boss of the answers.

Beckham has a bully in his pre-school class. Well, Brodi picked him up today from his school and was talking to the teacher. All of a sudden, Beckham breaks into a blood curling scream. Before Brodi could say anything, the teacher laughed and told Brodi that whenever the bully in the class goes near Beckham and is about to either push him or steal something from him, Beckham will just let out a HUGE scream. The bully then quickly retreats. The teacher says that she loves it and it has helped stop this boy from picking on kids in the class. He now leaves Beckham alone. Yes, we are proud of Beckham and his vocal chords.

Carter has a good friend and Brodi was talking to this friends' mother...the mother told Brodi that her son explained today that he needed to go over to Carter's house because as he says 'Mommy, I am Carter deprived.' Yeah, just for a line like that, he can come over to our house whenever he wants.

There are few things that make Beckham angrier than a little sun in his eyes while driving in the car. If Beckham had a knife, he would stab the sun while yelling in anger at it. Seriously, the sun in his eye is as if someone has lit his feet on fire--he just yells at us to turn out the sun.


Brodi Ashton said...

Ah, man. It's posts like this that make me wanna have two kids of my own someday.

kristilee said...

Holy cow! I can't believe how old Carter looks. Cami came across her Cami and Carter book the other day and boy, did it bring back memories! Ahhh, the good ole days of meal and kid swapping.