Saturday, April 25, 2009


Well, we are back from the trip to Pakistan. It was a great trip and I enjoyed having Brodi with me. I was able to get a lot of good work done and Brodi was able to see more of the country, go shopping and just have fun. Usually my days over there are spent working and hanging out in the hotel...with Brodi there, we went and saw things which was a pleasure.

Brodi's website covers the adventures much better than what I could do, so please see her site: Brodi's site I will go over the other things besides our actual stay there.

Singapore Airlines is fabulous. You had your own personal selection of about 75 movies (American, Bollywood, Asian, etc.), tv programming from the US and England, music from all over the world. It was terrific. They also had some funky and pretty good airline food (noodles, chicken, ice cream, home made rolls, etc.) as well. The flight attendants were very good as well and had the coolest outfits that I have seen for any stewardess. I am still a huge fan of Emirates Airlines, but Singapore is hard to beat.

Singapore Airport is a very cool airport. They had lots of garden sections throughout the airport as well as some good food (lots of noodle stores as well as Subway, etc.) and some very high end stores (Ferrari, Gucci, etc.). They had an awesome butterfly section where you walked around gardens with butterflies all around you.

Other favorites included Coke Lite. If you are a fan of Diet Coke, you may just have your head explode in delight when you have a Coca Cola Lite. We fell in love with it while we lived in Europe and this is the offering on airlines and in many restaurants oversees. It was good to have it again. Also, the bluntness of ads is refreshing. Where in America, a cigarette carton will say things like 'dangerous for your health' or could cause 'pregnancy complications', this ad was direct: Smoking Kills.

It was a great trip. And, its great to be home. As a bonus--our kids remembered us. And I want to thank my family and Brodi's family for taking care of our kids. Our boys loved spending time with you all. Thank you so much.


Brodi Ashton said...

Um, why in the heck would you post a pic of me after 24 hours on an airplane? Are you looking to start a fight?

That said, I second your opinion of Coca-cola light. It's just plain good.

nielsons*love*family said...

well i can only see red "x's" and no pictures for some reason??? i am sure you look great brodi!
welcome back you guys~!