Monday, March 9, 2009

I will save $1 even if it takes me an hour to do it

I like to save money when I buy things. That is a good thing. And, that is a bad thing. Let me explain--if I have to make a purchase of $20 or more, I try and find the best deal. It could be for a $20 book...I will go and see if I can find it at another retailer for cheaper, etc. So I end up spending 20 minutes searching for a better deal and find it for $18. Yay for me, but when you look at it, I basically wasted 20 minutes to find it for $2 cheaper. Yeah, I suck.

Now, if it is a more expensive item like a tv or a dvd player or tennis shoes, etc. That is when I spend more and more time to get a better deal. I usually get pretty good deals on most of my stuff but I spent probably way too much time at night or in the morning trying to find the best deal possible.

My recent saving-money claim to fame? I went to Smiths and stopped by their shoe department. This is a boring story, so I will save you all of the gory details...but the $80 Adidas shoe that I was eyeing, I paid only $8 for...yes, $8. A clearance deal, a 25% off coupon and another $5 coupon brought it down to that price.

Anyway, you will now notice that on the left side of my blog, under the Friend's links list, there is now a new 'Deal of the Day' link. I will try and keep this updated and it will be a variety of different things (from computers to clothes to books, etc.) so feel free to check it out every day to get coupons or discounts. All in my effort to help save the people from this economic crisis. OK, maybe that was a bit too dramatic.


nielsons*love*family said...

oh i love you! (in a purely brotherly platonic way of course!) are a man after my own heart sam! maybe i should forward you MY deals of the day??? and we can bargain "link" together??
( has $25 coupons for Citrus Grill and Big Apple pizza one per household for $12.50 right now --if they are not sold out--i DID forward the link to brodi...maybe should have sent it to you?)

Brodi Ashton said...

I don't know what you guys are talking about. I think I just SPENT a dollar reading this post. Coupons are for sissies.

Emily said...

Sam--Thanks for the Old Navy Coupon, I need to go there today and I am very happy to save 30%. That will save me like $1,000!