Sunday, March 15, 2009

2 days without Brodi and counting (but who's counting?)

The following things have happened since Brodi left for another man this weekend (she gets back on Wednesday):

The place is a mess.

Made meatloaf. Seriously, what could be better than a whole lotta meat, some onions and tomatoes? Not much.

Speaking of Meatloaf, with Brodi gone, I have been able to turn up the music to Meatloaf's best. And shockingly enough, I finally figured out what he won't do for love. But, it is such a wonderful revelation, I will let you spend hours listening to that song while trying to figure out the clues.

Played more than my share of the Wii. I am not a computer game player or a video game player...but Brodi goes out of town, and I plop myself on the couch with Carter and play some games. And yes, he is still better than me at every game.

Spent Sunday night watching my TIVO recording of all of the NCAA tournament brackets discussion. Brodi loves her sports but even she would not put up with this much analysis. My body is now numb and my brain is much. And even with more hours to come looking over these brackets, I will still finish #5 out of 10 people in the bracket competition.

I also went to church. Yes, I was late...but how awesome am I to still make it at all? Kudos to me. And I didn't lose the kids.

Carter and Beckham both had ice cream and cake today. Carter had it for lunch as well. I swear there was a carrot eaten sometime during the day though, so they are getting their nutrients.

I have also learned that whenever one of us is away from the other, it sucks. I learned that lesson pretty quick years ago.

And oh yeah, the place is still a mess.


Chelsea said...

Very impressive Sam. Glad to hear the kids got a carrot or two (maybe). What more can be expected, you know??

Janae said...

I loved seeing you at church and using the drinking fountain water to fix Beckham's hair!! You are such a cool dad:) I need Brodi back as well, my Sunday's are not the same without her!!!!!!

nielsons*love*family said...

water fountain and hair fixing? now that is a great idea~ why have i never thought of it? LOL....

samandbrodi said...

Still not sure if Brodi is going to come home.

Water from the drinking fountain is a much better idea than licking my hand and running it thru Carter's and Beckham's hair.