Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Not quite a Tiger or a Phil, but will soon take over the golfing world

We took the kids to minature golf and let me just say, we may just have the next two major golf stars. It was a good thing that we were pretty much the only ones out on the 'course' so that we could create havoc without bothering other patrons. Anyway, some of Carters and Beckham's stirring accomplishments this day were:

  • Carter playing like he was trying to break a world record for finishing 18 holes of minature golf.
  • Beckham being obsessed with throwing his golf balls in any obstacle possible.
  • Carter became so good that he would often hit Beckhams ball, or my ball, or Brodi's ball to help speed us up.

It was an all around impressive display of golf.

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