Friday, June 20, 2008

the least helpful sign ever

This sign was posted outside of a wedding reception that we went to tonight. Awesome is one way to describe it.

So let me explain this sign. The company that put up this sign wanted to act like they were helping us ("Please help us") but you quickly realize that is not their motive. Basically what they are saying is--We are going to do absolutely nothing to protect your car or your valuables inside the car. The only protection we are going to give you or even consider giving you is by saying 'take your stuff inside because if you leave it there, it will, no doubt, be stolen from your car, so don't be an idiot.' Thank you for helping us not help you. I feel much safer now...

The sign could have just read 'Please take your valuables with you.' Instead they will protect our valuables simply by us taking our valuables with us inside the building. Huh? Awesome!

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