Sunday, June 29, 2008

Brodi--Keeping it real on TV with some kick a&$ service

Brodi and a couple of women from our neighborhood have started up a summer activity called 'Summer of Service.' The idea is for the parents of our area to work with their kids and get them involved in service projects. You can read about it here:

Last week they had a carwash where 2 year olds up to 18 year olds and their parents lined up and washed peoples' cars for free (a donation for worthy causes was accepted...and it led to almost $500). They had a great time and KSL did a news story on it where Brodi was interviewed (her interview was brilliant, obviously) along with a couple of other terrific ladies:

Of special note--if you will notice the terrific cameo appearance of my truck getting washed. I couldn't be more proud of my truck and, yeah, I guess the kids as well.


Cam Ballou said...

Brodi is an awesome woman!! Much more ambition and initiative than I could ever dream of :-) I'll be thinking of you while I am laying on my couch watching TV and eating ice cream!!

Cam Ballou said...

Oh yeah, and Ben said you are looking for an accountant. If you want to send me an email and let me know exactly what you are looking for, I can forward it to my "network"! Email me at

kristilee said...

Nice work. My bathrooms need cleaning if you're looking for one more S.O.S. project :) Great job on the interview too Brodi (and Sam, your truck never looked better).

shell said...

Keeping it real is one of my favorite terms. Also swearing by using different symbols.

Chelsea said...

Brodi is so cool. I would never even have been able to form a complete sentence in front of a news camera.