Friday, June 13, 2008

A Christmas project in June...and I am definately not an architect/engineer

It is amazing what you can find in your truck if you decide to clean it up. As I went through everything, I found a 'gingerbread house kit' that I bought from Costco, oh, about 7 months ago. So hurray for us. Nothing says June like making a Gingerbread house. I have made these before, but as I think about it, it was usually with the support of my parents when I was a kid or with my very handy wife. It was my turn to show my stuff and show the boys a good time with frosting, candy and gingerbread.

We had a pretty good beginning. I put on all of the sides of the house, we started decorating. Carter and Beckham took turns in putting the candy on the house. We had a winner...our house was looking great.

Then, tragedy struck. One of the pieces of roof slid off on to the table. I was in disbelief. I knew it was only a matter of time. I quickly started to 'frost' up the roof again to stick it all together, but the damage was done. The other roof slid off, the sides fell in. Beckham stood up to get a better look at the destruction while Carter just looked on amazed that his daddy couldn't even build a simple gingerbread house. I need to hone my skills for this coming Christmas.

Here is another picture.


Cam Ballou said...

The boys are so cute! C'mon dad, how hard is it to make a gingerbread house? If your kids are like mine they won't part with them and they will sneak frosting and leave it all over the house!

Spencer Five said...

We learned this past Halloween with our "spooky house" from Costco to build the house the night before. They seem to be a little bit sturdier. My kids eat all the candy before the house is close to completion.

Chelsea said...

Hilarious as usual...I love it. The boys are so cute. More pictures please.