Sunday, March 16, 2008

Some weekend randomness

Some things from Carter: After putting a blanket on his back, he started running around declaring for all to hear and see, 'I am Super Carter...Suuuuppppeeerrrrr Carter!' I am not quite sure though what his super power is.

We drove home from my our friends house out in Bountiful, Spencer and Molly and their fabulous kids, in a wild snowstorm. As we drove along I-80, you could not see more than 20 feet in front of you. We were going 20 miles an hour. When we got home, we found out that about 10 minutes after we passed thru that stretch, there was a 20 car pileup that locked up the freeway. I would like to say that it was my skillful driving that got us home safely, but it is hard for me to say that since I had my eyes closed the whole time. Lucky us that when I opened them up, we were pulling in our driveway. Mid March and we get 3 inches of snow. Utah weather--Its fantastic!

For some reason, my Utes did not make the NCAA tourney...I guess it had something to do with their 17-14 record and about 13 of those losses being in the last minute or two. Depressing. I miss the 90s. As long as Head Coach Jim Boylen's head doesn't explode (he gets pretty excited on the sidelines), the Utes have a positive future. Hopefully, next year the improvements will be visible in the win column.

If you aren't watching Dexter on CBS on Sundays, check it out. Disturbing and fabulous and gruesome.

I picked up a friend the other day on the side of the road. I yelled at him 'Hey hobo, need a ride.' That got a smile out of him and he ran over to my car and got in...he ran out of gas about a mile back. I took him to the gas station so that he get a container and get some gas. He then told me that he forgot his wallet which was in the car. I gave him my credit card and we headed back to his car. Trust me, my friend J, will never live this down. Not only did his car run out of gas on the freeway, but one of his best friends from High school just happened to be driving by, picked him up and paid for his gas to get home. Good times and thanks for the laugh J.

Beckham's hair is getting curlier. Carter always had the flowing curly locks but Beckham's wispy hair is now going in circles. Don't know what started it now, but he is competing in the 'Gurls Dig Curls' contest with Carter.

We have 4 phones in our house. All 4 are either dead or low in batteries. I know this every day and I still forget to charge them.


jamkmb said...

I did a little back-reading in your blog today and as usual, it was good for 3-4 belly laughs. This is sometimes inconvenient because I invariably read it at work and I get funny looks, but it's worth it.

A couple thoughts on the Utes from an unbiased source: 1. try getting some game uniforms instead of saving a buck or two by playing in the practice ones - are those things reversible? 2. Boylen needs counseling. 3. are you going to let your kids smoke during halftime at the Huntsman center or are you going to make them wait until after the game?

jamkmb said...

Sorry, forgot to sign my comment...

John R.

samandbrodi said...

c'mon John, those unis are simply Old School. You are too new age now to appreciate the nameless jerseys that look like they were bought from an old Desert Industries.

And in regards to your smoking question--what happens in the Huntsman Center, stays in the Huntsman Center!