Sunday, March 23, 2008

Carter talk

So, we were driving in the car and Carter asked me to drive faster. Brodi and I explained to Carter that if we drove 'too fast' then a police car may pull us over and give us a ticket. Carter then told me that I drive 'One fast' and it would be OK. Obviously, he was a bit confused when hearing 'too' fast and thinking 'two' fast. He then said the police would also pull us over if we went 'three fast.' Later, he mentioned driving 'Four fast' but I had to tell him that 'Four fast was too fast' to which he explained, 'No daddy, four fast is four fast, not two fast.' You gotta love how a 5-year old brain works.

Carter was asked to give a prayer in church today. He practiced by giving a prayer for us at home on Saturday. In this prayer, he made sure to 'bless the monsters.' So, in church, Brodi was next to him because we didn't see the need to bless the monsters again in primary. He did a great job and he left the monsters out of this prayer.

A conversation with him:
Carter: Daddy, where are we going to go tomorrow?
Sam: Nowhere, we are going to be at home.
Carter: Try again Daddy!

Here is another quick conversation we had:
Sam: Guess who is coming over tomorrow to play with you?
Carter: What?
Sam: No, Carter, we say 'Who'
Carter: Hopie? (Hopie is his cousin) It would be fun to have Hopie come over tomorrow.
Sam: No, Carter, when you get asked a question about someone, we say 'Who' and Hopie can't come over tomorrow.
Carter: Ok, daddy
Sam: Guess who is coming over tomorrow to play with you?
Carter: What?
Sam: No, Carter, Who?
Carter: Huh?
Sam: We say: Who?
Carter: Who?
Sam: Lizzie (his cousin and nanny)
Carter: Oh, good, I love Lizzie.
Sam: Ok, so guess who is coming over tomorrow?
Carter: What?
Sam: OK, I give up.
I was about to ask him 'Who's on First' but I decided not to.

Carter saw Enchanted this weekend and mentioned to us after the movie that he 'loves princesses. (5-second pause)...and I love girls too." He gave the movie thumbs up...probably in large part because of the big dragon in it.

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