Thursday, March 6, 2008

Learning to Cook from a 2-Year old

As most of you know, Brodi and I are very talented at numerous things (ok, one or two things), but cooking is not one of them. If it is not grilling meat/vegetables or making up soup, then little food is cooked up in our house. Beckham is looking to change that. A nice quiet afternoon ended up leaving our kitchen dirty as Beckham was determined to help his mother cook up some muffins.

First off, we found some eggs that were only 2 weeks old. But we wisely determined that rotten eggs never taste too good in a good muffin, so we scoured the streets trying to find eggs. After our neighbors were of little help (Amy and Renan's response was simply, "nope, no eggs for you), we finally found some eggs. Next big step was to 'Pam' the muffin tin and Beckham was up to the task.

Next came the batter-dripping job. He showed us how to do it.

Next came the expected wailing and gnashing of teeth as Beckham could not understand why the muffins were not done and ready to eat. Call me crazy, but 20 minutes of a 2-year old yelling at the oven to hurry up, does not make a pleasant afternoon.

But the party truly got started when the muffins were done. Congrats to Beckham for being a big helper. And congrats to us for putting up with the mayhem. I think it may just be easier to give them pop tarts.

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Amy said...

Beckham, you're the cutest! To bad your parents aren't very nice.
From(not love)