Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Diet Drinks, the tasty best of the best

Some of you probably just threw up a little in your mouth thinking about Diet drinks. But c'mon, they are a tasty treat with shockingly enough, zero calories. Over the past 15 years, I have had probably 10 sodas that were not diet. It has been years since I had my last one. I am a Diet soda drinker.

First off, I was shocked to see that Diet Sodas were not somewhere on the food pyramid. Yes, I know that every one of these diet drinks is probably cutting a day off of my life. Yes, I know that my stomach liner is probably in tatters due to drinking this stuff...but how can something so good be so bad? It can't be, so I ignore what people say and I sit back and enjoy the fake colored calorie free Diet Drinks.

I like some variety to my drinks. That is why you will find cases of diet drinks in my house of every variety and of every taste. Brodi on the other hand is all Diet Coke, all the time. It is rare for her to have some different diet drink. I like some spice in my life and I mix it up and Here is the top 10 rankings of the best diet drinks on the market.

10. Fresca--This barely made the top 10 just barely beating out another 'citris' type drink Sprite, 7-Up and Diet Mountain Dew. Good breakfast drink because it makes you feel like you are drinking something healthy even though carbonation is the main ingredient. This is also included for sentimental purposes as this was one of the original diet drinks from years ago.

9. Cherry Coke Zero--Coke got it right somehow moving to the Zero line. Diet Cherry Coke is not too good...but this Zero product of it is a much better option. In fact, the entire zero line from Coke is well done and it ends up being closer to the diet pepsi product line in taste of its drinks.

8. Diet Dr. Pepper-One of the originals. Pretty good taste. This is one of the real popular ones. People really like it and say that is the best of the diet drinks, but I have to say that they feel that way because their taste buds are not truly experienced. If these people had experienced tastebuds, then they would know that it only merits a #8 on a list.

7. Diet Pepsi Vanilla--A sweet taste that can be real good but often feels a bit too sweet. These are drinks that I love, but I can usually only have one of these during the day because of its sweetness.

6. Diet Coke--the old standby. This is the drink you have when you are exhausted and just taking it easy late at night. I imagine this drink being like a shot of whisky for someone needing the relaxation of alcohol. Diet Coke is the reliable drink to calm the nerves.

5. Diet Pepsi Lime--A sweet taste. This is one thing that Pepsi does well...its flavored drinks have a much sweeter taste than its Coke counterparts.

4. Coke Zero--Now Coke did something right. Its Cherry Diet Coke, its Diet Lemon Coke just don't cut it...but its 'Zero' line is terrific. A nice sweet taste and a good drink.

3. Pepsi Max--Seriously, what is not to love? First, it has a 'real' sweet taste unlike Pepsi One. Second, it has twice, TWICE the caffeine. The biggest drawback that I have noticed is that I can't drink two of these bad boys in a row or I start to get a headache. And I can't have three of these during the day or I start not feeling well. It reminds me of JOLT cola without the sugar.

2. Diet A&W Root Beer--this is a beautiful drink. It has a smooth taste and it is one of the few diet drinks that does not taste markedly different from its sugar non-diet brother. Drinking one of these bad boys following up just having a Pepsi Max is a good way to go.

1. Tab--We have already discussed my love of this drink. About 5-years ago, living in DC, is when I was re-introduced to Tab by my brother. Josh would keep a 12-pack in the backseat of his truck and he would pick me up from work in downtown DC. He would pop one of those Tabs open (and really, it would be 95 degrees outside, so the Tab sitting in his backseat would be warm to the touch) and start guzzling it down. I still can't do that, but my love was re-newed and the drinking begun. One note though--Tab takes a bit of time to get used to it. It took me about ten 12-packs before I actually liked the I can't get enough of it.

So, there you. Next week, I will post the worst Diet Drinks of all diet drinks. And trust me, if you think that the diet drinks that I have mentioned so far are bad, get ready to learn of some drinks that would make you sick just thinking of them.


Spencer Five said...

Diet is the only way to go. If Justin and I ever mix up our drinks, dry heaving ensues!

Anonymous said...

Brodi's rebuttal: I'm sorry, but any diet cola with an added "flavor" should be placed in a watery grave. They have the distinct taste of Pine Sol cleaner. I promise that if you add an ACTUAL lemon or lime, the rewards will be immense. Plus, an actual lemon or lime just might push diet sodas into the food pyramid.

Here are my top five diet soda drinks:
5. Diet Pepsi, if there is no diet coke available.
4. Diet Coke from a can. Chilled to a soft slush.
3. Diet Coke poured ever so slowly from a can into a glass with slightly melted ice. (The slower the pour, the more bubbly).
2. Diet Coke from a bottle. (Not an actual baby's bottle. Just to be clear).
1. Mother's Milk: Diet Coke from a fountain dispenser. Heavy ice. Fresh lemon. Fizz galore.

No substitutes.
Oh, and Tab should go the way of cement bangs, blue mascara, pegged pants,and UNITS clothing.


samandbrodi said...

As you can tell, I married a girl with some fabulously quirky tastes. When someone lists their favorite drinks, it is kind of funny that her top 4 are the same drink, just done different ways.

I am not allowed to pour her diet coke...EVER! I have before, and she dumped the drink down the sink all the while shaking her head at me.


Spencer Five said...

I'm all about the lime in my diet coke.

Amy said...

I would never attempt to EVER pour Brodi a drink. I have seen her in action.There is definitely an exact way of doing it. By the way, what is up with all this snow?