Sunday, September 30, 2007

The kitchen/dining room/living room Remodel--and it aint pretty

Don't get me wrong. We loved our 1970 appliances. We loved our beautiful brick floor...oh wait, I mean, brick linoleum floor. Seriously, nothing says classy like a linoleum brick floor. We loved the boxiness of our kitchen and our dining room. There seemed to be walls everywhere you looked. We loved our old school oak cabinets and the 2-3 lights that were expected to keep all of the rooms well lit. This was a good kitchen about 20 years ago but we needed to make it our own. Yes, I know it was ours and we did own it, but you know what I mean.

So--we decided to change some things up. Out came the sledgehammers and down came the walls. Remodeling is not much fun. The final results can be enjoyable, but I can think of 13,298 other things that I enjoy more than doing a remodel. It is amazing how much wood, nails, plaster and junk is behind 50 year old walls. There is so much dust everywhere in our house that I still have dust settling in inside my belly button. I have learned to be much more colorful with my language as well. My language would make a sailor blush, but what happens in the kitchen, stays in the kitchen. I have also become very good friends withe people out at the SL Dump. My truck is working overtime dropping things off. Brodi has informed me that if I die in the next 10 years, it will be because I have inhaled about 13 pounds of plaster. For the most part, I do use a mask. Our fabulous remodeler-do it all-handyman Dave is the guy that does most of the work around here and I am simply his apprentice who cheers him on and picks up the junk after he has knocked it down.

We have now finished the first 2 weeks of the remodel. Cabinets get delivered toward the end of October, so we have to hurry. We still have all the electrical, finishing the ceilings, putting down new wood floors and getting the appliances in. In 3 weeks. Should be fun. I am putting in three sets of pictures now with a before demolition shot of the kitchen, old laundry room, and the dining room/bookcase separation area. Yes, it is looking different. Yes, it is very depressing right now. We live downstairs and it has saved us to have a kitchen down there (even though the kitchen sink does not drain well). And I know you may be asking--yes, I will post some pictures of me shirtless with a sledgehammer.

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