Monday, September 3, 2007

Carter and the mystery

On Sunday, we are driving home from Park City and Brodi and I were just talking. Carter and Beckham are in the backseat. Carter starting calling out to us from the backseat. We turned our attention to him and Carter looked very concerned. We asked what was wrong and he replied in a very solemn voice 'Something is happening to me.' We were not sure what he meant until he began to point at his stomach. He then went quiet and Brodi turned around to look out the front windshield and Carter screamed out for her to turn around again. 'Something is happening to me' he said again. He then pointed at his stomach, and with a concerned look on his face, he then hiccuped.

After Brodi and I busted out laughing, we realized that this was one of his first hiccups. At least one of the first that he could remember. We told him that it was OK and that he would be fine. After another few seconds of us still laughing, Carter began to laugh as well.

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