Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A day with and a day watching the Utes

Right before the season started, our little family went to the Ute fanfest day where you spend time seeing players from all the sports (from mens basketball to women's gymnastics to football players) and playing games, getting treats and just being around the Ute facility. Carter and Beckham love running around on the field as well, so we spent a bunch of time just walking around the field.

I was surprised with how soft the field is but equally surprised with how hot it gets during the hot summer day. Seriously, almost too hot to touch. But since most of the games are late afternoon to night, I don't see it as a problem. But if the Utes play on a day where the temps are in the 90s, man, it would not be much fun to be tackled on that. Overall, it was a fun day to spend with the kids and the Utes.

So, football season is already 25% done and the Utes, with all of those expectations, are continuing to surprise. That is not necessarily a good thing. Two losses to start the season is bad enough. But, add to that bad injuries to your best OLineman (Boone), your starting running back (Asiata), your star wide receiver (Casteel) and a 3-4 week out with injury to QB Brian Johnson and you can see why many Ute fans lost faith. The home game had a great crowd and Brodi and I went to the opening game for the third year in a row (the streak would be much longer if we hadn't lived away out of state for the 4 years prior to that). We went with family and friends.

Then, somehow, someway, the Utes bounced back with a thrashing of #11 UCLA 44-6. Who knows how the season will turn out, but it looks like it will be entertaining.

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