Monday, September 17, 2007

At least he kept the finger

Well, a nice Sunday evening over at Sam's parents house took a wild turn. Carter and his fellow cousin troublemaker Hope were playing in the kitchen closet. Beckham would shut the door and then Hope and Carter would open it and yell. Beckham thought that this could quite possibly be the funniest thing that he had ever seen. Beckham would howl with laughter and Carter and Hope would get a kick out of his laughing.

They continued to play for a few more minutes and it was fun to watch until Carter decided to put his hand in the door hinge of the door and then Beckham promptly shut the door on it. Nobody saw it, we just heard Carter start screaming/crying and come running out of the door holding his hand up. Blood was coming down it and his finger was sloughing down. We thought he had lost the tip but we put some towls around it and some ice on the outside of the towel. Grandma Kate kept his finger down and his hand down on the table while Brodi called and I was running around with Grandpa Frank to get some more ice and towels. Martha took Beckham out of the room to go play with all of the other cousins.

We met with Dennis (Brodi's dad) at Primary Children's Hospital to look at the finger. He had not cut it all the way off, but it did slice thru about 70% of the finger right below the nail. Dennis said that he could stitch it up so we went to his office in Cottonwood Heights. Carter was very brave thru this all, in fact, he slept on the car ride over. 10 stitches later, the finger was put back together again.

Now, Carter has a bandaged finger and will for another week. But, Dennis says that the finger will heal well and should be fine. It reminded Brodi and myself of a couple of things--we have a great family that stepped up in helping our little boy and supporting us in all we are doing. And, you realize how quickly things can change and how lucky we were that it did not end up worse. Carter is a great kid and he just added to his list of injuries (whether it be all the stitches he has received, broken bones, etc.).

Now, whenever someone asks Carter what happened, he points out that 'I am just fine' and that 'Beckham shut my finger in a door.' I have a feeling that Carter will be reminding Beckham what he did for many years to come.

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