Friday, February 10, 2012

Repairs? Yeah, I can fix that (by calling someone)

We had a couple of things going on around our house this past week or two. Our washing machine decided to stop spinning. I feared the worst, but the appliance guy came out and fixed it. For about $100. The cool thing was watching him take it apart. Yes, I am no mastermind when it comes to being super handy, but I love watching things get done. He just pulled off the cover of our washing machine and went to work on it. Here is our washing machine, shell less.

We also had a clogged main drain line. We have some large trees in our front yard so we thought it was a root problem. Nope, just a clog down the line. We cut out a hole in our wall to get to the clean out pipe and we snaked it clean. Yay for us.

The point of this post? Really no point...except I got to see handy men in action.

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