Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I am all about Style

I had to go to an auto store this past weekend to pick things up for the car. I found a couple of 'hot' accessories for my car. How awesome would this be to put on my car. Cool sticker emblems of a heavenly/devilish well as 'Bling Dice' to hang from my rear view mirror. Everyone knows that dice hanging is pretty much awesome, but these dice also light up. Yep, State street here I come! I know Brodi, as well as all of the ladies in my neighborhood, will be very impressed.


Chelsea said...

These must be popular in Utah. I was just there to help my sister with my new baby and saw no less than four devil/angel silhouettes. You are in the right place, Sam.

samandbrodi said...

Chels - That is how us Utahns role. So, when are you guys moving on down?