Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Free glass and crummy spelling

So, being the terrific dad that I am, I took the boys to McDonalds last night. They have a deal where you can get a free glass Diet Coke glass if you buy a meal. Who could pass up such a great deal? I got the meal and the free drinking glass. Carter then enthusiastically proclaimed, 'All we need are 3 more glasses and our lives will be complete.' Yep, 4 Diet Coke glasses = life fulfilled.

And I saw this on the news the other night. The injustice done to reporter Marcos Ortiz was immense with this story. First they spelled his first name wrong and spelled it: 'Marocs'...yeah, thats not his name. And second, under his name it says 'Bound and Beaten.' Yeah, this was not the tv editor's finest hour.


Laura said...

LOL!!!!! I am going to have to swing through McD's tonight!

samandbrodi said...

Laura - Just crush a vitamin and sprinkle it over their nuggets or hamburgers and voila, you have a healthy meal for them.

sbo said...