Friday, December 16, 2011

Carter is 9. Egads.

It is Carter's 9th birthday today. I can't believe it. I can't believe how much has changed since he was born. He is a great kid. Whether he is skiing, playing video games, soccer games, basketball games, running everywhere and anywhere, working on his math facts, etc...he does it with a gusto. He is just a good kid. He wants to be friends with anyone...whether the other kid is a boy or girl, 5 years old or 9 years old, it doesn't matter - you just need to be a kid that wants to have fun and he is happy.

I love listening to him talk to his brother and friends. Recent conversations include:
To his younger brother Becks: 'Did you know that 95% of kids don't eat enough whole grain?' Yeah, I bet you all didn't know that unless you happen to read the back of cereal boxes.

He was talking with Friend Z and both were trying to figure out what a Check was. You know, a check that you pay people with. They couldn't decide if it was money or just paper that you would give to someone to let them know how much you thought something was worth...but they couldn't really do anything with that paper. They were both very confused, yet discussed it with each other for 10 minutes.

He was running around the block several times this past week. He came running inside and was 'working out' by running around, doing pushups and jumping jacks, etc. He informed me that girls like boys that are 'super fit.' He then told me that yes, he was in fact, super fit.

So, he got to pick out what to do today. Breakfast at McDonalds...Donuts at afternoon of skiing up at Brighton...dinner at Chuck A Rama (his choice) or hopefully, a Wings place (my choice!) and then finally a Utes basketball game. Yep, he likes to party all day long.

Carter - you are a great little buddy. I can't wait to see what you do with your life.