Monday, November 21, 2011

soccer season

Carter finished up his Fall soccer season a few weeks ago. He plays with his Impact Academy team so they are forced to play up a year in age level, so his team of 3rd graders are playing 4th graders. They finished the season at 4-3-1. They lost two of their games by 1 goal. The boys they are playing are bigger and faster, so it has been fun to see how his team adjusts for that. Carter played defense for most of the year and he likes it because he gets to protect his goalie. I need to learn how to not care so much...egads, I am not a yeller, but I will walk up and down that sideline about 200 times during a game.

He is playing on the Academy winter team which means indoor practices twice a week and games on Saturdays. We are trying to figure out how he can fit in everything this winter with soccer, basketball and skiing. Oh to be a kid again where your worries are how to fit in so much fun all the time.

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