Monday, August 15, 2011

Utah Site: Salt Lake City Library

This is another post on things to do in Salt Lake City. You can see our other visits by going here:

I used to work downtown, right across from the Salt Lake City library until we moved on to the East bench last summer. Brodi and the boys would often join me down there after work to hang out at the library. It is a great library and for those of you who were/are fans of Archie Comics, they actually did a comic book storyline on the library. So, for all of those preteens and teenagers of Archie comics, our library is famous.

The boys and I headed down to the library a couple of weeks ago. We try to get down there a few times every summer. The cool part of the library is that there are a ton of things to do just outside. There are several water features spread throughout the side and back of the library as well as bridges, benches and lots of open space to just hang out and read or relax.

Inside, the architecture is very cool. The basement is where all of the kids books are and they have big rooms where kids can hang out and play around in while they read. There are also computers set up in the basement to play computer games or reading games, etc. It is a great setup.

You can roam around the top of the library and get sprawling views of the entire city. You can also head down the big stairs on the outside and continue to get the great views.

If you have a few hours and you haven't been down there with your kids, do is worth a few hours.

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