Thursday, August 4, 2011

Don't bother me this weekend, I am eating

You all know I love PopTarts. And lets be honest, who doesn't love poptarts? But I have decided to stay away from them for a while. You can't eat just becomes two and two becomes three and three becomes puking in the sink because you jammed waaayyy too many of them down your throat. So, I haven't had bought any for months.

Brodi goes out of town to a big writers conference in LA. I opened up the newspaper ads and saw this staring at me. A 12 pack of poptarts, which are normally around $3.50 (they are kind of on sale now for only $2.50), are now only $1.50. But I have to buy 10 of them. 120 poptarts. Brodi is gone for about 5 days. That means that I will have to eat 24 a day and there will be no evidence that I ever had those 'tarts. Well, except for me being terribly bloated, sick and 'high' on sugar. But it would be worth it. WON'T IT???????


nielsons*love*family said...

ok well i dont know about you sam- but i have teenage boys to feed. WHERE are they on sale for that price? where?

Sam said...

Just down at the neighborhood Fresh Market. Just give them the coupon at the store and enjoy the 120 poptarts. Better hurry though, because I may buy them out before you get there.