Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I am Mac'in

So, a few years ago, we decided to take the plunge and get a MacBook Pro. I searched and searched and ended up buying a used one from a lovely girl downtown. I met her at the Libary and it felt like a drug deal. We are standing on the street, she takes it out of her bag and I am checking it out. It was kind of a strange scene. I think she was nervous about me which is totally understandable because I am pretty intimidating with my 5'11" frame and my metrosexiness. But, we came to an agreement and it was magic as Brodi and I both loved that laptop.

But, a little over 2 years later, we decided to upgrade Brodi's computer. I ended up buying a refurbished 13" Macbook Pro (the 2010 model) through Apple's website. The computer worked great...for about 3 weeks and started having troubles. We brought it downtown to Apples store. The tech looked it and said that he would need the computer for a week or so to fix it...but since we bought it just a couple of weeks ago, he decided to trade out the one we bought with a new one. He gave us the latest 2011 Macbook Pro (came out 2 weeks ago). It was faster, more storage and just a better computer. It was also $300 more expensive. No worries, he said. Enjoy. He then synced up our old computer to our new computer...got all data transfered and we were out the door. With a new 2011 computer. No extra charge.

How awesome is that? I did have to volunteer to sweep the Apple Store floors for a month, but what a bargain. Now, I am wondering if I can somehow trade my 2008 Toshiba computer for a new 2011 Macbook Pro. Not liking my odds on that one.