Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How NOT to open up a cereal bag

So, this morning I took out some of the Marshmellow Mateys cereal (DON'T JUDGE ME!) and as you can tell from the picture on the left, it was savagely opened up. Now, these cereals have a resealable opening. You cut off the top and then you have the seal so you can always close it up. Looking at the pic, you will notice that the top on the right was completely torn off to get to the cereal. While the top left with the seal is left untouched. I explained to Carter that next time he could open it up more carefully. Carter looked at me confused...Brodi, on the other hand, just put her head down. Yes, my wonderful wife cannot open up a cereal bag properly (even with the big RESEALABLE label across the top left). We will be having lessons on this later this week.


Brodi Ashton said...

Dude, were you or were you not able to get the cereal out of the bag and into your bowl?

I rest my case.

Chelsea said...

Once again, I feel a special kinship with Brodi. The cereal bag issue has been ongoing in our marriage. Mike has tried to teach me a lesson so many times. He's to the point where when he opens a chip bag, the opening is so small you can't even extract your hand. We need to meet in the middle.

Sam said...

Bro and Chels - yeah, we need to all sit down and have a lesson and fix this. I am not sure if our marriages are strong to survive wrongly opened cereal bags.