Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Just me...and the boys

So, Brodi headed out of town this morning to New York City for a Writing Conference, tour of HarperCollins and hanging out with her agent. It actually should be a great trip. We haven't been to NYC since we lived in DC and we went up for a weekend. Lucky me, I get to hang out in the cold and snow of SLC. It was really foggy this morning and Carter went outside and said, 'Wow, it looks like heaven.' I almost told him that if heaven looked like this, I was going to order the doctors to put me on life support for hundreds of years.

So, with Brodi gone, it is party here at the house. I am still feasting on 3 boxes of PopTarts that Neighbor Dorien brought over...the Jefferies have already exclaimed how excited they are to hang out with me and even invited us over for slumber parties all week long...My neighbor Ann snowblowed our driveway, so I don't have to spend any unnecessary time shoveling my driveway. So, I am ready for fun. If fun is helping my boys do their homework, making sure that the house isn't too much of a disaster when Bro gets home, laundry, dishes, work, etc. Actually, I think we will have fun. Now, I just have to figure out how to get the strobe lights working for the all night dance parties that I have planned.


Anne Petty said...

All night dance parties, I will send Keith over. Hope you have a great time being Mr. Mom.

Janae said...

Good thing you have such good neighbors that take care of you. We are so waiting for our invite to the dance parties:)

Molly said...

My blog post (if I had a blog) would read: Just me...and the boys and girls! Spencer is out of the country for 2 weeks and we are treading water trying to keep our heads above water. :) Good luck to us both!

nielsons*love*family said...

dance parties? wow--we're coming over! and if this is what heaven looks like, i am putting in a request RIGHT now to go straight to H*LL! hee hee

6deans said...

Sweet. Can't wait for the dance parties.

Sam said...

Ann - Next time, you will definitely have to send Keith over...he has some dance moves that I probably have never seen.

Janae - You guys are always invited, no question. In fact, feel free to just move in our basement.

Molly - You do post on your blog (at least as of 2 years ago!). Good luck with the kids. Tell Spencer he owes you big time.

Dorien - Yeah, SLC during the inversion is a shockingly bad picture of heaven, one that I want nothing to do with when I die.

Emily - I don't know if Mike told you, but he came over and he totally boogied.