Monday, January 3, 2011

Bests of 2010

I wanted to give a quick recap of some of the 'bests' that we have had this past year.

Best news of the Year
Brodi having her books purchased by HarperCollins (Balzar + Bray imprint). I have mentioned it before, but she sold a trilogy to HC. It comes out next Winter. And for those interested, she has also sold the rights to various publishing houses in the UK, Australia, Brazil, France and Germany with many more to come. It has been getting a huge buzz in the publishing and writers world, so it should be an exciting year coming up. You can read about how things are moving along for her at her blog,

Best Milestones of the Year
Carter is now in 2nd grade. Crazy. He is now an expert math man. And he loves it. He also scored a couple of goals this Fall for his team and he is playing for the Impact Soccer Academy, which means he is playing about 5 hours of soccer a week. He also just turned 8 years ago.

Becks is still in Pre School. He is speaking more (he continues the long line of Johnson slow speaking boys) and that kid is happy 99% of the time. He scored his first soccer goal of his life and he promptly run over to the sidelines to give everyone a high-five (not that big of a deal considering that he runs to the sidelines to give everyone a high-five even if he just looked at the soccer ball).

Best Trip of the Year
We only took one major trip, but we went up to Seattle and the surrounding areas. I had never been in that area, so it was a good week trip of hiking, driving and seeing and doing things.

Best new restaurants that we had never gone to before
Red Iguana: I had heard about this place since high school and I had never made it down there. We went down with some friends and had a terrific meal (burritos, moles, etc.). I enjoy the Blue Iguana, but the Red was even better.

Katmandoo: New indian restaurant in Millcreek. This new restaurant is from the owners of the Himalayan Kitchen downtown. Terrific. The Butter Chicken, Lamb Tikka Massa and Vegetable Korma are all favorites.

Best TV shows of the Year
: If you haven't seen it, then check yourself, and get watching it. It was a pretty good show its first season...a very good show in its second season...and genius in its third season. Well worth watching.

Boardwalk Empire: This is not a recommendation as this show can be naughty. But, it is on the 1920s in Atlantic City with gangsters, prohibition and other shenanigans.

Walking Dead: Zombies. Really not much more to say, but it is a terrific show on the remaining humans trying to figure out how to survive and trying to figure out if there are more humans out there hiding from the zombies.

Sons of Anarchy: Definitely rough and tumble about a motorcycle gang that are gun runners among other things. Highly entertaining.

Best Books of the Year:
It won't be out till next year, but Brodi's new book is tops. After that, I loved the Hunger Games series, the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series and anything by Daniel Silva. My rankings of all of the books is on the left side of the blog and I will be talking more about these books next week.

So, for now, that was a recap of 2011. Thanks for reading this past year.

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