Monday, January 17, 2011

I totally rocked my birthday this year

Yes, it was my birthday today. I was able to knock off some nice accomplishments for my birthday. Over the past two days, the following has happened:
  • Brodi decided to stick with me in our marriage for at least another day.
  • My boys gave me loads of hugs and thank you's for being a great dad (or a great Sam as they say)
  • Had a fun day of playing at Sugarhouse Park with the boys in great weather.
  • Had an awesome apple pie
  • Had a fabulous cherry pie
  • Had a stupendous birthday dinner
  • Had another delicious birthday dinner (Brodi took us boys to In-n-Out)
  • Received a unique Uncle Sam nutcracker
  • Received an invaluable Wagamamas cookbook (too bad my sister still doesn't realize that I don't cook).
  • Received a well deserved 12 pack of Tab cola from an anonymous neighbor. Thank you. It was like Christmas.
  • Recevied an awesome little rice krispie treat from a neighbor
  • Received an awesome bag of candy from another cool neighbor
I chalk up this birthday as a success. Yes, I am one year older...but older and sexier and wiser.


The Eastley Family said...

And that pack of Tab... um... since it was anonymous... it was from me and Sherri... from Texas.
Happy birthday!

nielsons*love*family said...

your treat is coming today--i just wanted my own blog post! ha ha

Sam said...

Kent - Thank you. Next time you drive all the way up to drop off some Tab, feel free to come on in. We would prefer you didn't stay over with us, but you could have come in and said Hi.

Dorien - and what a delicious treat it was. Yeah, pretty much gone now.