Monday, October 4, 2010

Professional oww-ies and Becks scores a goal!

My boys are halfway thru soccer season. Carter's team has outscored its opponents 19-6 so far this year. I would like to say that it is my terrific coaching, but that would be a lie. I just have good players.

I don't think Beck's team has lost this season because they have a couple of ringers on his team. And superstar Becks did score his first goal of the year. It was actually a nice real goal (He is the one with the ball on the pic on the right) where he dribbled the ball, set up and kicked the goal. He celebrated by falling to the ground and rolling around for about 20 minutes after giving all of his fans on the sidelines High-Fives!. This is his individual picture (on the left) where he didn't want to hold the ball with his hands because using your hands in soccer is illegal.

Carlos Boozer was a former Jazz player. He just left the Jazz this off season to play for the Chicago Bulls. Many Jazz fans were happy to see him go because he always found a way to get injured and get to sit out 20-40 games a year. Well, he injured himself on a no practice day this weekend. He broke his finger. How did he do it. He explained that somebody rang the doorbell and he was going to the door and he tripped over his bag, fell down and broke his finger. SERIOUSLY? So, a professionally athlete who is flexible and agile somehow trips over a bag and breaks his finger?

Now take me, I am no longer truly athletic nor agile nor flexible and I trip over things in my house all the time and I have never even bruised myself and Boozer breaks a finger? Egads. Now people can understand why I am awfully pleased to no longer have him on the Jazz team.

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