Monday, October 25, 2010

C and B

OK, so here is a bit of a family post, focusing on the boys:

Carter - he gets a little allowance every week and he has been saving up. This is him with the money seperated into dollars so that he can purchase a new video game. He was very pleased. The picture on the right is him dribbling the basketball. He really can handle the basketball pretty well...some between the legs dribbling, etc. He had me count his dribbles to see how many he could do without messing up. 1,083 dribbles. His record is 1,113. It took him over 10 minutes to dribble that many. I was more tired than he was when he was finished.

The other day he invited a friend over and I am listening to his phone call. He asks if he wants to come over to our house. He is quiet and he then, nearly shouting, says into the phone: "booyah! THAT IS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT.' Yep, he was a bit excited.

Becks - His hair just keeps getting longer. We decided to trim over his ears. We wanted to see how long he could get it, but it keeps getting into his eyes. And yes, we do get people asking us - so, are you going to give him a haircut. I just respond, 'Not sure, we haven't decided yet.'

He is a great newspaper boy. Every morning (if the weather is good), one of the boys will go out and grab my paper. My neighbors (looking at you A and J) are probably very disappointed though in not having to see me come out of the house half naked to get the paper.

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