Monday, September 13, 2010

Shaking your booty, the right way

For those wondering how a guy like me could have caught such an amazing girl in Brodi...well, let me just say, it was my dance moves. A new study reports that killer dance moves like this draw women to you. I think it is fair to say my moves were too much for her and she had to date and marry me. What moves drive the women crazy...? Check out the video below for those moves (many of which I will bust out on the dance floor at any given well as the terrific running man dance move):

What moves will drive the ladies away and these are moves that I would never ever even think of doing, here you go:

I wonder how much money was put into that research study.


6deans said...

Seriously? You are too funny. Where do you find this stuff?

Sam said...

Em - There is nothing funny about good dance moves!!!!