Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Family day at the Beach

My brother and his family were in town a few weeks ago, so my sister and brother in law brought up their boat to Jordanelle for a day of water skiing. Problem was, it was really windy which made water skiing not too enjoyable.

That was fine for the kids though as they got to spend the day tubing and playing along the beach. Carter was in his element...playing with all of his cousins and getting dragged behind the boat for what seemed like hours. He wanted the boat to go faster and he kept trying to get the tube outside of the wake.

He did get some air on one move...bouncing out of his seat, but he came right back down to it amid howls of laughter from his cousins. Carter is convinced we need to buy a boat.


Chelsea said...

Yes, Carter is right. A boat is where it's at.

Cute pictures! Though Sam, could they be any smaller???

Sam said...

Chels--Is that a challenge, to make all of my pictures smaller? Hopefully, people can click on the pics and make them bigger...but I should probably just make them bigger in the first place.

Those are also taken with a phone camera which everyone knows is how to take a quality pic!