Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nothing important, just some rambling

A few thoughts about the past couple of days:

We ate my mom's house this Sunday for dinner. We had some fruit...and some frakkin' amazing grapes. As you can see by the picture, the normal red grape is on the right, my thumb is on the left and the mutant HUGE green grape is in the middle. I felt like I had to cut that thing with a knife into tiny bits so that I could stuff it into my mouth.

I am no engineer. That is pretty clear. But I walked under a freeway bridge the other day and they had some wood support beams under the bridge. Call me crazy, but is that wood doing much with 5,000 pound cars driving over it all day long?

I picked up some bbq chicken from the supermarket the other day. The label makes me laugh and reminds me that the people selling the deli food are not Market-ers. The name of this delicious dish? Boneless BBQ Chunks. Chunks? Yeah, I still ate it, but they gotta change that name.

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