Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The wisdom of Gas station bathrooms

We just got back this weekend from a long trip to the Seattle area. We had a lot of fun and I will post pics and stories in the next day or two. With that said, I wanted to post a couple of interesting things from the restrooms that we visited while driving to and from Seattle.

When I am looking for profound comments or statements, I usually think of visiting a bathroom stall in Yakima or some small city in the northwest. I was not let down as I came across this gem: [the cross sign) with the comment: 'All men are created equal.' So true. My heart was uplifted knowing that someone took the time to carve this comment into a toilet paper dispenser.

The best thing that I came across in a bathroom was this nice little machine. It is a cologne dispenser. How cool is that? Who hasn't been on a date where you stopped to get some gas, ran inside to pay and realized that you needed to use the restroom and then finally realized that you just stink...lucky you, you can now pay 25 cents and get some awesome cologne and smell terrific when you leave the gas station. You know this is high end cologne because it costs 25 cents. If you come across one of these machines and they are selling it for 5 cents, don't buy it. It probably would smell terrible.

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