Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tennis stringing by sexy guys and rockin' tennis shoes

I play tennis. And for those that play tennis, you know that you break strings. So, a few months ago, I bought my very own tennis stringer.

Back when I was a teenager, I strung my own rackets. But when I went on my mission, my dad decided to sell the stringer. Now, I decided to get back. The problem--I totally forgot how to string rackets and though this machine looks rather simple, I was totally intimidated.

Finally I decided to string a racket...I got halfway through it, screwed up and gave it up. Until yesterday. My buddy Brandon (top notch tennis star and racket stringer extraordinaire) came over to our house with his lovely wife and fabulous kids and gave me a lesson.

To put this in perspective, he can string rackets in 30-40 minutes. With his guidance and me doing the stringing, it only took me about 100 minutes. Per racket. Yes, I was that slow but we finished off two of my rackets. I am about to quit my job and go into a racket stringing business. I should be rich in no time. Our wives spent most of the 3 hours of stringing saying 'Uhm, so are you really going to play tennis with rackets YOU strung? Lets just take the rackets down to the SportsMall and get them strung' You can feel their confidence in me, can't you? Brandon, on the other hand, has strung rackets for 20 years now so he is good to go. I will probably butcher a few more rackets in the future.

On another tennis note--I got new tennis shoes. I am one stylin' dude now. To make a long story short (or as Brodi would say, making a boring story just a little less boring)--I bought the shoes. The company called me a week later and apologized and said that those shoes were out of stock, but they would give me the latest newest updated shoe from the same company...for the same price as last years model which I had ordered. I wasn't sure and she knocked off another 10% on top of that. Great price and great shoes.

Yes, I realize how boring I am when I spend an entire blog post talking about a tennis racket stringer and tennis shoes. It is all about the simple pleasures in life, no matter how boring it is to you all.

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Brodi Ashton said...

I'm glad you can blog about your racquet stringing and your tennis shoe so you can get it out of your system and stop talking about it at home.

Um... love you.