Thursday, March 4, 2010

A car and a cake

I work downtown and I went for a walk to go and get some food and I came across two interesting things:

First, I kind of understand it when someone is driving a $50,000+ car around town and has to park to pick up somethings so they take up 2 spots because they are freaked out someone might ding their car. I kind of understand that. But why on earth would this person feel the need to take up 2 spots in a rather full parking lot? I mean, seriously? A 1980s truck that is not restored? Seriously? If I had driven, I would have loved to have parked as close to him as possible, like I was trying to fit in the half taken parking stall.

There are few things less appetizing than seeing a 75% eaten cake sitting outside of an apartment to a rusted out pain can. Egads.

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