Sunday, June 21, 2009

Give me some Candy!

I love treats. There are a few candies that I could eat until the cows come home. My teeth from my earlier days show just how much I loved candy (5 root canals with 5 totally street gold crowns...seriously, take a look inside my mouth, those crowns are probably worth more than my house). So, now I have brought to you all, my top 6 favorite candies:

1. Sweet and Sours: These are like tiny bits of heaven. Something sweet, something sour, something awesomely tasty. These are usually available in the larger candy bins at the grocery stores where you can buy bagful after bagful and they weight it out based on how many pounds. Lets just say that the total is usually impressive when I am buying.

2. Twix: Who ever had the genius idea of mixing tasty cookies with caramel and chocolate, was an absolute, well, genius. Bravo to them. Now, they have gotten creative with peanut butter Twix, etc...but the original is the best and will always be the best.

3. Mike and Ikes: My senior year of high school was spent grabbing my backpack and two big handfuls of these candies. I would put them on my lap as I drove my beautiful Toyota Tercel to school each morning. Nutritious and delicious.

4. Twizzlers/Red Vines: I like Twizzlers probably a bit more as they are usuall softer and denser, but man, those big tubs of Red Vines are truly evil. My mom used to buy those tubs and 50% of the time they would be fresh (you have no idea if they will be fresh or stale when you buy them) but if they are fresh and soft, I could honestly go thru about 45 of those in one sitting.

5. Bilar: These are a swedish candy. I had a companion, Ryan Lewis, and there was a little gas station right by our apartment. So every night as we were walking home, we would stop and grab us a big of bilar. Fabulous. Brodi and I discovered the wonderful world of global capitalism with IKEA as you can buy bag upon bag of bilar there. I actually think Brodi likes these candies more than I do.

6. KitKats--Who doesn't love these chocolate wafers. And they truly had one of the best little jingles ever and it was immortalized in the Office.


Shellie said...

lol applesauce :)

for me

#1 Reese's PB cups
#2 Snickers
#3 Whatchamacallit
#4 Twizzlers
#5 Swedish Fish
#6 Sour Patch kids.

nielsons*love*family said...

LOVE the office clip! now i will be singing that jingle for a week straight!

my favorites in no order are:

tangy taffy
snickers almond

and an OLD favorite which you can no longer find is the
MARATHON bar....anyone remember that one?

Brodi Ashton said...

Oh man. Bilar. That's all I need. Those tiny little marshmallow cars, that expand in the stomach. Mmmmm....

Danno said...

You know your dentist might read this!

samandbrodi said...

I gave up candy Dr. DentistMan! I can't afford any more gold in my mouth.

jamkmb said...

dude, thanks for the laugh with the Office snippet. I've sort of lost track of the Office over the last couple of years, and that reminded me why I used to love it so much.

1. Cherry Pull-n-Peels
2. Dots
3. Redvines
4. Twizzlers
5. Haribo gummy bears
6. Baby Ruth