Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy 6th Birtday to Carter

Today is Carter's Birthday. 6 years old. Pretty crazy to think that he is already in Kindergarten. He is as good of a boy as we would want. As most of you know, Carter was a slow talker. He spoke about 3-5 words at the age of 3. Well, he is making up for lost time right now because if he is awake, he is talking...and talking...and talking...and talking.

Carter is a pretty cool kid. He was our little DC baby and we spent many days and nights down on the Mall checking out all of the historical sites. Brodi and I used to put him in his jogger and we would go and run on the Mall. Usually, he loved it. Sometimes he voiced his displeasure, but he always liked being outside. He was also the darling at my office in DC. Whether it was a huge babyshower in the office or just parading him around to my friends and co-workers, he was always the life of the party. Everyone loved his bald head and it was bald for the first two years of his life. Now, well, curls are everywhere.

He always needs to be moving. He always needs to be running. We would laugh that wherever we would go, he would need his time to run around, whether it be in circles around a large kitchen island or just run around the store or in the hallways of a church. He still, to this day, spends about 15 minutes every night running around just to burn off the excess energy he has.

As I have mentioned before on this blog, this boy knows how to wreck havoc on his body. He has had many falls and accidents--jumping off the couch and hitting his head against the coffee table (2-4 stitches below his eye)...running in our backyard and getting smacked with the lock of the gates right below his eye (2-4 stitches)...rough housing with his cousins and breaking his collar bone...crashing into an end table at the church (bruises all over his face) and having it fall down on top of him...nearly losing his finger when it got caught in the hinge of a door (15 stitches used to save the tip of his finger). He has done it all and he has done with his happy attitude.

He is a genius on the computer. He can play all kinds of games (kindergarten smart games, Harry Potter games, Lego Indiana Jones, etc.) on the computer, on his DS. He types his name and plays online games. He is scary good at it.

He loves soccer. The first year, not so much. But he still asks about playing on Saturdays even though I have made it clear that soccer won't begin again till Spring. He is really liking tennis right now...and he plays with a coach every Friday. He even has his own racket. He also likes to spend time on the couch at night watching the Utes or the Jazz play basketball.

His mind works in fabulous ways as he tries and understands what is going on in life. Yesterday in the car, he was watching a dvd. It was a looney tunes dvd. This was our conversation:
Carter: That bunny is faster than a train. He is really fast!
Sam: Good to hear Carter.
Carter: I think that bunny may even be faster than Jesus.
Sam: Carter, lets not talk about that right now.
Carter: Is Jesus as fast a train?
Sam: (not sure how to respond). Yeah, I guess he is.
Carter: Oh, I guess Jesus is faster than the bunny as well.
Sam: Yeah, I guess He is.
Carter: Is Jesus in the sky?
Sam: Yes, Jesus is in heaven right now
Carter: And heaven is in the sky...I am now going to take my rocket and visit him. Bye Daddy...5-4-3-2...
Sam: (Yeah, I didn't know how to respond to that)

And Carter loves his family. He talks of his Amma and Ampa (Brodi's parents) all the time...he talks of Grandma Kate and Grandpa Frank (Sam's parents) all the time...he talks of his best friends (Necie and Hope) and he loves the kids in our neighborhood. Though he often ends up competing with Beckham, he sure does his brother. And he always tell his parents how much he loves them.

Happy 6th Birthday to Carter. You are a good little dude.


Janae said...

Happy Birthday Carter!! He is such a cute little guy. Loved the conversation in the car yesterday

Brodi Ashton said...

I often have no idea how to respond to Carter.

nielsons*love*family said...

we LOVE carter!!! he is on our top "2" list of boys to marry for Olivia in about 30 yrs (is 36 too old for marriage??) there is not a kid with a sweeter heart and cuter curls that i have met anywhere!!!
(we sang to him yesterday at playgroup and he loved it...he was running around, of course!) :O)

samandbrodi said...

He is a cute, crazy kid, no doubt. I am curious though Dorien who is in your top 2 for Olivia besides Carter...we may have to talk about that one.

nielsons*love*family said...

the other one is Max Adair, they have ALREADY kissed! that kid (max) is a mover! LOL!!!

Amy said...

I love that boy!

Spencer Five said...

Sam The Hoff has got to go. Your X-mas card was hilarious. We totally need to get together in the next two weeks. Send out an email and ask someone to host a party! We are all too old for b-ball, but i did get a new pair of sweet fake air jordans!

lily said...

carter is so cute i cant belive he is already six!