Monday, December 1, 2008

Battlestar and Science Fiction Geekdom

Brodi had a post the other day on her blog about science fiction movies. I am not a sci-fi geek. Brodi, on the other hand, is. Have a Stars Wars question? She is the gal. Want to know something about Aliens? Yeah, go to get that kind of knowledge with hundreds of viewings, I think.

With that said, there have been several sci-fi shows/movies that I have loved. Serenity, a Joss Whedon production (based on a short lived tv show, Firefly, from around 2002), was a genius movie. Truly can you beat a cowboy western science fiction movie? Trust me, you can't. The first Matrix? Wonderfully entertaining. But there are many sci-fi shows that I could never get in to such as 'Star Trek' and the 13 off-shoots of the original Star Trek.

But a few years ago, a little remake came to the television, Battlestar Galactica. Yes, that cheesy early 80s television show. Well, times have changed and it is not your mother's Battlestar any more. Brodi and I decided to give this show a chance during its first season and it is spectacular. It is rough and tumble, it is dark, it has great actors and actresses. It is probably the finest show on television. Well, the show ends its run this Spring, finishing off 5 full seasons. Starting in January, it has 10 episodes to go and it is finished. One of the main characters, James Callins who plays Balthar, summed up the finale of these shows and whether or not expectations would be too high on these final episodes with this line: "Honestly you can't be disappointed," he said. "I think if Adolf Hitler were back, he'd be crying in his handkerchief." Probably not the best analogy...but it sounds like expectations have been raised. But hey, if Adolf Hitler liked it...yeah, still probably not the best analogy.


Shellie said...

Bears beat Battlestar Galatica.

Shellie said...

ooooh and I made it on your blog roll!!!

holy freakola!!!

Brodi Ashton said...

BSG is awesome, and I will conduct a day of mourning when the series finale airs.

Starbuck, you will be missed.

Starbuck. Whoops, Brodi

jamkmb said...

Saw a trailer for the new Star Trek movie at the theater the other day. All the Silicon Valley tech engineers were wetting themselves in anticipation. Me...not so much.

samandbrodi said...

And congrats to Shell for making the blog list. I don't list just anybody. Go get yourself a present for this accomplishment.

Brodi--we share our love of Starbuck.

Yeah John, I can imagine a few sci-fi geeks at Google. Color me surprised, huh?

nielsons*love*family said...

speaking of the Battlestar...i JUST pre ordered MY COPY of season 4.0 on dvd from amazon. you all converted me to the "dark side".
LOVE IT! if anyone has NOT seen the new one, it comes HIGHLY recommended by ME (a person as NON
"sci-fi" as they come!)