Sunday, November 23, 2008

I remember getting home from mission in 1995 and going to my sister Eden's house to check out this internet thingy. We turned on the computer and logged on and the computer slowly but surely chugged and chugged and spit out an early version of It took about 5 minutes to open up the page but I was in heaven. I could get all the sports info that I wanted, even if it took me several hours to check out a few websites.

Now, I wonder how we ever lived without it. You remember trying to find business phone numbers? If it was out of state, you were in a lot of hurt trying to track down those numbers. Now, everything is at a touch of the finger. is all there and you can find it in seconds. I stay connected, for better or for worse, at all times. I check my work emails at 2am if I happen to wakeup (it is easy with an iphone). We check our websites and our emails on family trips. I check out the latest sports news at 6am or at midnight. No doubt, it is an addiction.

To be honest, I do this blog for myself and Brodi. But it has been fun to document useless things, things happening in our lives and anything that has caught my fancy. I have family and friends that can stay connected to us by simply typing in our web address. It is pretty cool. Thanks to any of you that read this blog and find something interesting or funny here.


Shellie said...

Internet is addicting. I'd probably get married to it if I could. actually I think I am common law married to it. you probably are too since you hooked up with it back in 1995.

Brodi Ashton said...

I love your blog. You are way funnier than I am.