Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ahead of their time

When I was growing up, the Brady Bunch was the coolest show on tv (at least for a 6-year old). I loved to think my family was the Brady Bunch, with our 3 boys and our 3 girls. Who doesn't love the Brady Bunch?

What you may have forgotten was...not only were they all very talented actors and actresses but they were musical geniuses. Add their singing to go along with the spot on choreography and you have an instant classic on your hands. If you are toe tappin' by the end of these numbers, then you must not have a musical bone in your body.

I got this next number from List of the Day. This song includes great lines such as "Phones never rang till I met you"..."Wise men never knew"..."Clowns never laughed before"..."Ponies never ran before" till I met you.

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