Monday, September 12, 2011

World of Coca Cola - WHERE IS MY TAB?

Brodi and I spent a few days (partying it up like it was 1989) in Las Vegas last week. I will post more on the trip later, but I had to talk a bit about our trip to Coca Cola World down there on the Strip.

You walk in this store on the Strip, and it is Coke products everywhere you look. Diet Coke, Coca Cola, etc. I went to a worker and asked him about Tab. He then takes me across the store to a guy and says, Here he is. I then explain to this other Coca Cola worker that I am looking for Tab. He gives me a confused look and says 'I'm Tab.' I was ready to start saying 'Whose on first?' I then clarified that I was looking for Tab cola products. He informs me that they do not have any Tab products (shirts, glasses, etc.) but I can find some online. WHAT? I am at the world famous Coca Cola store and Tab is one of their products and they don't sell any of that stuff in the store. He did say though that I could probably find a bunch of stuff on Ebay. Thanks for that insight, genius.

Brodi and I did try out the Tastes from Around the World. Basically, they fill 16 cups full of Coca Cola's different products from every where (Peru, Mexico, England, China, etc.). We happily tried a bunch. But it nearly killed me. We tried the drink called 'Beverly' from Italy. Egads...truly a horrific experience. It was like liquified black licorice dipped in coffee blends and black tar added to sweeten it. Wowzers it was brutal.

We also went to the huge M&M store right next door. Yes, its chocolate...but not the same awesomeness of Coca Cola World. We did, however, get a bunch of coconut m&m's handed to us about every 10 steps.


nielsons*love*family said...

dear sam, no offense--but i think that maybe only 3 people in the world LIKE tab. i could be wrong, but ask my husband...i'm usually NOT wrong! ;)

samandbrodi said...

Dorien - I didn't ask Kyle, but you are WRONG! Tab would be loved by many if people only gave it a chance. You included. Bring the family over and we can let the kids go out and play and drink Tab all evening.