Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Butter on a Stick. Sign me up!

You may have seen the stories on this...but the Iowa State fair is offering a tasty treat for everyone. Fried Butter on a stick. Yes, you read that right. Fried Butter on a stick.

You can youtube a video of how they do it, but basically they stick a cube of butter on a stick. Dip into a honey and cinnamon batter and then deep fry it for 3 minutes. The butter pretty much melts into the batter. So you are eating a donut or a scone with a cube of butter melted inside. That could be yours for $4. Or make it at home. Its a party. And it probably only has around 1,000+ calories and nearly 100 grams of fat. It takes quite a treat to make my poptarts look healthy.


eden said...

Honestly, I want to try this so bad I cannot even tell you how much!

samandbrodi said...

I know. I know. One cube though seems pretty weak. Lets have a 2-cube fried butter party.