Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The little skateboard that could...

We had our Pinewood Derby race last night. Let me just say, I have never been a very good scout...but this is something that even I enjoyed growing up. So, after spending weeks contemplating whether or not I should borrow my nephew's car, we decided to build our own. We said - forget pure speed. Lets get creative. So, 2 late nights of cutting, sanding, cutting and then sanding again, we finally had our 'car.' Carter occasionally touched it and looked it too. We all painted it...loaded up the drivers onto it and we had our Skateboard.

It was not going to win any speed awards. I asked the guy who owned the pinewood derby track if I should add more weight to our car...he smiled and said not to worry about it...all of the legos on the top would be more than enough to slow it down. Carter didn't win. But, how many kids can say that their 'car' looked really, really cool? OK, so most of them can say that too...but NONE of them had legos on it.

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