Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A working Garage I need to say anything more?

So, it has been a long time with no working garage. Like, since Summer long. But watch out now, because we have just had our new door installed. Obviously, it is a bittersweet day to say goodbye to our old door. Our doorman told us that it may have been the original door to the house which would place it at 50+ years old. It weighed close to 17,000 pounds. OK, maybe not that much but was insanely heavy. The repair guy told us that it was very difficult to take down. Initially I thought that maybe I would do it and maybe even install it. As I thought about it, I quickly realized that I would probably die trying to do it...get killed by one of the springs. I let the professionals do it.

Back in the Fall, we talked about what to do with our garage: After many of those genius ideas were shot down, I looked more into wood doors, copper doors, paper doors, no doors and I finally gave up. We went with just a standard regular door and life is good again. And you know what? It works. It goes up and down (the door repair guy was not amused when I asked him if he could set it up to open from the sides and just move across horizontally).

Yep, we can park our car in the garage instead of in front of the garage. As you can see, we can actually park both of our cars in it. We can open it and use it. Instead of just dumping everything in there. I will be honest, I wept like a little kid when I opened it. I will say that I was a little disappointed that my neighbors did not throw us a party to celebrate...but oh well. Heres to another 50+ years with the same garage.


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I understand the pain you went through without having a proper garage at home. When you said that you wept like a child when you opened the garage door makes me smile, simply because I feel happy for you to finally get a garage. Your garage looks spacious and I am sure you can use it for many years as you hoped.

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I really like the way that your garage door looks. It looks simple and it provides the perfect look that suits your garage. It’s good that you decided to go with a standard regular door instead of any fancy door. I think it’s a waste to spend a large amount of money on a garage door.

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