Thursday, February 10, 2011

Slathered up in rotten applesauce

I know how much you all love to hear about this subject, but I can't stop talking about it: Frakkin' Apples. They are back and messier than ever. My apple tree gives off apples every other year. Last summer, the tree was full of them. But, funny thing about my tree - the apples hang on for dear life. They refuse to come down. September, October, November...the apples just chill up in the tree. The apples sit in the tree mocking me because they know and I know what is coming soon.

Then January hits and the apples start falling. The birds who have braved the winter hang out in my tree and enjoy tasty rotten apples and fling the apple carcasses violently to the ground when they are done with them. It is now almost the middle of February and there are still hundreds of apples in the trees. I pick up 30+ apples every day that have fallen onto my lawn and driveway. I tried to convince my boy Carter to pick up the apples for a penny a piece...he looked at me like I was absolutely insane. I have applesauce on my driveway to feed a family of 73 for about a year. I am thinking that sometime in late March, the tree will be bare. And I will cry for joy.

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eden said...

I had about 7 trees that held onto their leaves until the new leaves pushed out the old in April. Who wants to rake leaves in April! Who o Who Mother Nature!