Monday, February 8, 2010

Random Food Thoughts

I talked to one of the Coca Cola delivery guys at the local Smiths. He said that his store goes through about 12-14 twelve packs of Tab every week. He said though, while most drinks get sold on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays...the majority of Tab is produced during weekdays. He says that is because older people buy it during the week. Who woulda thunk that Tab was drunk mainly by old people? Don't kids also love Tab?!?

Last Fall, I picked up some chicken nuggets from KFC. I asked the guy at KFC how much regular chicken is bought every single days at just that store. He said if you add up the chicken wings, legs and breasts, over 1100 individual pieces of chicken are bought from just that store. Egads. That is a lot of chicken.

So, at Wendy's, they serve square hamburger patties. Why don't they serve it on square buns? I understand the round hamburer patty and round bun...I don't understand the square hamburger patty and round bun.

I love cheddar cheese. But I don't think that I have ever seen cheddar cheese sold in round packaging. Other cheeses are sold in round packaging, but cheddar cheese is always sold in rectangle or square packaging. Why?

New favorite best cereal? Strawberry Honey Bunches of Oats is terrific, especially if you combine it with its sister cereal 'Just Bunches, caramel.' Tasty treats. Don't get me wrong, it still cannot match Pop Tarts in terms of goodliness, but it is a great cereal.

Did you know that they serve salads at Arbys. I didn't either. But, they do.


Laura said...

Well... in regards to the Tab- you DO fit in the "OLD" category now! ;) J.K! I wondered the same on Wendy's square burgers?!? They also have an awesome new salad that I like even without the dressing; it's the Baja Salad!

nielsons*love*family said...

HA! i knew they sold salad at Arby's--it is the only thing on the whole menu i will eat there!

and yes sam, only old people like Tab. like kyle's "aunt Penny" who has to be close to 70! and you.

we still love you even if you DO eat rocks and drink Tab.

samandbrodi said...

LT--No joking about my old age. It is not a laughing matter!!!!!

Dorien--some good Tab with rocks in the bottom of the glass = Tasty treat.