Monday, August 18, 2008

You asked for it, you got it!

So, we have a new member of our family. He is hairless, sleek and ready to party! Welcome to our new crazy little neutered boycat, Smokey. Carter happily accepted the job of picking out a name for him: 'Sprinky', 'aaaaah' and a few other names were thrown about, but Smokey was the winner.

He likes hanging out on the couch, preferably on Brodi's lap while she pets him. He loves to play with tennis balls and ribbons. He also enjoys climbing under Carter's blankets and sleeping.

After receiving insult and after insult from friends and family (he looks like a demon! That is the creepiest thing that I have ever seen! Is that a rat?), he has joined our house and is ready to prove the local neighborhood that he may be the most adorable thing ever.

And fwiw, though many people who have cat allergies are able to have no allergic problems with these kids, some do (including us...we are hoping that the allergies stay low and don't cause us too many problems. We'll see).


Janae said...

he is kind of scary looking:) I had to laugh when Brodi told me about the newest family member. We would love to come and down and welcome him to the neighborhood sometime:)

zoe said...

We have been nothing but supportive of your new addition.Zoe actually likes the cute little thing. One suggestion though, if you are trying to convince us that he is not a demon, maybe a picture without the glowing eyes would be a better choice.

jamkmb said...

Sam, I'm sorry, but that's hideous! I can't even in good conscience make a sort-of-cute comment. Sorry to diss a member of the family, but it's true.

brook said...

I have to say it sammie, that is the ugliest (imho) animal I have ever seen. bar none. sorry, but I mean no offense.