Monday, August 25, 2008

Champions of the World (or at least a part of the World)!

This past Saturday, I witnessed a fabulous sporting event...the finals of the '7 Buck Fun' tennis tournament for the 20 and over Women's Doubles.

Brodi and her partner, Alissa, fought their way thru the tournament with a courageous BYE win in the semis to set up a finals match with two 20-year-old women who were eager to show these moms how to win a tourney. Brodi and Alissa would have none of that. Battling a sizzling hot day and a tournament director who proclaimed early in the match 'That match over there should be over in about 20 minutes', the Bro and Liss team would not give up. Strong groundstrokes by Alissa made it difficult for the other team to attack...and Brodi's net game kept the other team on their heels. The other team had no options in battling against this skilled doubles juggernaut.

Down 5-4 in games in the third set with Brodi serving, they even faced 4 straight match points. That is right...any little mistake and the match was over but they gritted their teeth, yelled at the opposing team to try and finish them off if they could and smacked the ball around...saving match point after match point. Not only did they win that game, they ended up winning it all taking it 3-6, 6-3, 7-5 and reigning supreme in the tennis world for at least one day. Well done ladies, well done!

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Aunt Sissy (Alissa) said...

I love your blog whoever you are! I read it daily! Those ladies are beautiful! What a great story. Do you by chance play tennis? We want a story of the Park City 3-setter!!!